Musharraf Ali Farooqi
Musharraf Ali Farooqi Author & Publisher
Musharraf Ali Farooqi is an author, translator, and publisher. His novel “Between Clay and Dust” was shortlisted for The Man Asian Literary Prize 2012 and longlisted for the 2013 DSC Prize for South Asian Literature..........
Nur Nasreen Ibrahim
Nur Nasreen Ibrahim Fiction Writer
Nur Nasreen Ibrahim is a fiction writer from Lahore, works as a news producer for Netflix’s Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj. The Peabody award-winning TV show is widely known for its coverage of Saudi Arabia’s crown prince, the growth of.........
Hashim Nadeem
Hashim Nadeem Drama Writer
Hashim Nadeem is a Pakistani-Urdu novelist, drama writer, poet and fiction writer. He has also produced 27 telefilms and 11 drama serials as first private producer, among four of them have won different awards, in which he........
Sarmad Khoosat
Sarmad Khoosat Director
Sarmad Khoosat is a Pakistani actor, film/TV director, producer and screenwriter best known for directing the TV dramas and films. Academically.........................
Ali Hamza
Ali Hamza Singer
(PC: Mobeen Ansari) Born to Sagarveena player, Noor Zehra Kazim, Ali Hamza is recognized as a luminary in Pakistani music for his work spanning almost over two-decades as a singer and songwriter........
Salman Rashid
Salman Rashid Writer
Salman Rashid is Pakistan’s most widely travelled travel writer with few places in the country that do not carry his footprint. Acclaimed as ‘the most erudite travel writer of the country’, he is the author of eight books that include...............
Jamal Shah
Jamal Shah Actor
Jamal Shah is a Pakistani actor, director, painter, and a social worker. He was born into a Pashtun Syed family in 1956 in Quetta, Balochistan, Pakistan. In 1992 Jamal made his acting debut in K2, directed by........
Zarrar Khuhro
Zarrar Khuhro Journalist
Zarrar Khuhro is a Pakistani journalist who has worked in print and electronic media and currently co-hosts a show on Dawn News called ‘zara hut kay’. He also writes a regular column for Dawn and just about anyone who will pay him.
Mubashir Zaidi
Mubashir Zaidi Journalist
Mubashir Zaidi has 26 years of experience in journalism. He’s a former editor of Dawn TV and currently co-hosting Zara Hut Kay on Dawn TV, In the past he has worked for BBC, LA Times. Herald and Hindustantimes. He is also writing for The Hindu.
Dr. Ali Madeeh Hashmi
Dr. Ali Madeeh Hashmi Psychiatrist
Dr. Ali Madeeh Hashmi is a psychiatrist, writer and translator. He is currently Tenured Associate Professor of Psychiatry at King Edward Medical University. Dr. Hashmi is the author of five books on poetry.......
Wusat Ullah Khan
Wusat Ullah Khan Journalist
Wusat Ullah Khan is a working journalist for the last thirty six years. He is attached with BBC Urdu Service since 1991. He covered 2003 Iraq war. He was in Beruit during 2006 Isreal- Hizbollah war in Lebanon. He also reported 2004 & 2009 Lok Sabha elections while touring 13 states of India. He...
Iftikhar Firdous
Iftikhar Firdous Director of Communications EOC
Iftikhar Firdous is a senior journalist, who has been working on violence and conflict in Pakistan, and the gaps in governance caused by them for more than a decade. Recently he started working as the national director of communications for the Emergency Operation........
Fasih Zaka
Fasih Zaka Journalist
Fasi Zaka is a media commentator and satirist in Pakistan. He began his media career as a host of a counterculture music programme on MTV Pakistan, continued with a satire news quiz show on Aaj..............
Rafiullah Kakar
Rafiullah Kakar Public Policy Consultant
Rafiullah Kakar is a public policy and development consultant. He has rendered policy advice to governments in Sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia and the Pacific region on a range of issues, particularly youth entrepreneurship........
Hafeez Jamali
Hafeez Jamali Anthropologist
Hafeez Jamali holds a Ph.D. in Social Anthropology from the Department of Anthropology at the University of Texas at Austin and is currently serving as the Director of Balochistan Archives at Quetta. His research focuses......
George Fulton
George Fulton Desi George/ Producer
George Fulton has over 18 years’ experience in public relations, television production and broadcast journalism.He has overseen external communications roles for the British Council, the Qatar Foundation and.......
Faiz Ullah Khan
Faiz Ullah Khan Journalist
Faiz Ullah Khan has been associated with journalism since 2005. He has served NNI and Samma TV as reporter and these days he is working with ARY as a senior reporter. In 2014, while he was covering a story on Taliban........
Khumariyaan Band
Khumariyaan was born in the age of Talibanisation, sectarian violence, military operations and neo-imperialist expansions, in the region which is a gateway to Central Asia, in the city of Peshawar.
Nawabzada Saifullah Magsi
Nawabzada Saifullah Magsi Barrister
Barrister Nawabzada Saifullah Magsi is a tribal chieftain, lawyer, politician and agriculturist from Jhall Magsi, Balochistan. Saifullah was schooled at Aitchison College in Lahore and Wellington College in England..........
Sabookh Syed
Sabookh Syed Journalist
Sabookh Syed is an Islamabad based journalist, who started from Radio Pakistan Peshawar and is the founder member of Pakistan’s fist digital Radio station at Peshawar. He is an anchor person and political and religious analyst..............
Bilal Zahoor
Bilal Zahoor Editor/Writer
Bilal Zahoor is the founder and Editorial Director of Folio Books, a Lahore-based independent publishing house. He studied chemical engineering from University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore.............
Muhammad Hamza Waseem
Muhammad Hamza Waseem Electrical Engineer
Muhammad Hamza Waseem has studied electrical engineering at the University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore. He has worked with major international science journals and magazines targeting high school and undergraduate students......
Muhammad Amir Rana
Muhammad Amir Rana Director PIPS
Muhammad Amir Rana is the director of Pak Institute for Peace Studies (PIPS). He was a founder member of PIPS when it was launched in January 2006 and had previously worked as a journalist with various Urdu and English daily.........
A R Dad
A R Dad Poet & Fiction Writer
A R Dad is a Balochi poet, fiction writer, critic and a translator. He is known as the proponent of modern views in Balochi literature. So far he has authored twenty five books. His book “Dar Kessahi Labzank” (Non Fiction) was awarded........
Kayenat Hameed Khan
Kayenat Hameed Khan Spoken Word Artist and Author
Author of the book “A Decade of Delight”, Kayenat Hameed Khan is Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s first spoken word artist who debuted for Words and Metaphors and Young Women Writers Forum..........
Dr. Rauf Raz
Dr. Rauf Raz Writer
Dr. Rauf Raz holds a PhD Degree in Balochi Literature. He is the first ever Balochi PhD from Allama Iqbal Open University Islamabad. He wrote his Doctoral thesis on Balochi fiction. He contributes literary articles, mainly on fiction to various............
Fazal Baloch
Fazal Baloch Writer
Fazal Baloch is a Balochi writer and translator with a keen interest in Balochi fiction. He has translated several Balochi poems and short stories into English. His writings published in Daily Times, weekly Friday Times, Viewpoint Online and.......
Ramsha Ashraf
Ramsha Ashraf Writer
Ramsha Ashraf has received an honorary fellowship in writing, as Fall Resident of the International Writing Program 2017, at the University of Iowa. She has a collection of poetry, Enmeshed (2015), publishes poems on her blog Escritura 415 and.........
Nizam uddin Salrzai
Nizam uddin Salrzai Politician
Nizam uddin Salrzai is an journalist turned activist and politician from the most populated district of the Tribal Areas – Bajaur. After working for international and local magazines and dailies he went on to be a founding member of.............
Razi Ahmed
Razi Ahmed Director of LLF
Razi Ahmed is the Founding Director of the independent Lahore Literary Festival, an annual not-for-profit event. Ahmed has curated seven editions of the LLF in Lahore since 2013, four in New York in partnership with Asia Society...............
Neelum Afridi
Neelum Afridi Poet
Neelum Afridi is a published poet and a prose writer. By profession, she is a government official and performs her duties as a lecturer in English at Government Girls Degree College, Peshawar. Moreover, she presided............
Maliha Khan Bazai
Maliha Khan Bazai Poet
Maliha Khan Bazai is an English published poet and a blogger from Quetta. She completed her BS in English Literature and Linguistics in 2018........
Maheen Usmani
Maheen Usmani Author & Journalist
Maheen is the author of 'The Mercurial Mr Bhutto and Other Short Stories'. She has worked for both print and electronic media. Maheen has written on and made feature reports on human smuggling, refugees.....
Saif Samejo
Saif Samejo Vocalist
Emancipation of human mind and celebration of self is the core philosophy that echoes from the lyrics and melody of the musical works that Saif Samejo, the lead vocalist and founder of The Sketches creates................
Ammar Rashid
Ammar Rashid Researcher
Ammar is a researcher and lecturer who teaches development studies at Quaid e Azam University & has previously taught public policy at the Pakistan Institute of Development Economics. He is also...............
Shakila Haider
Shakila Haider Actress
Shakila Haider , a Lahore based Pakistani artist uses her art practice to tackle issues of cultural injustice. Following her graduation from NCA Lahore in 2013 specializing in miniature painting.................
Meher Murshed
Meher Murshed Journalist
Meher Murshed was born into a family where religion was not a divide. His father is a Sufi Muslim and his mother a Goddess Kali worshipping Hindu. Meher grew up in a school run by Jesuit priests in Kolkata............
Mehreen Siddiqui
Mehreen Siddiqui Psychologist
Mahreen Siddiqui, M.phil and PhD in clinical psychology, consultant clinical psychologist Agha Khan hospital and institute of clinical psychology Karachi.
Naeem Dilpul
Naeem Dilpul Singer
Naeem Dilpul is a lecturer at National College of Arts, Lahore and a  singer from Turbat. He teaches Communications and Literature. His work realm is human interaction and integration of people from................
Kainat Azhar
Kainat Azhar CSP
Kainat Azhar is a CSP who happens to be a writer, artist and mental health advocate. Her work can be found in various national and international e-journals and print media. Literature, music and art – her..............
Error The Band
Error The Band Band
Error The Band is a Quetta based ROCK BAND that happens to be the first ever Experimental Rock Band of Balochistan. With their music the band has made Balochistan proud on multiple platforms and......................
Qandeel Badr
Qandeel Badr Poet
Qandeel Badr is born in well-known poet Saeed Gohar's house, and she is the elder sister of the young poet Danial Tarreer. She has got her basic education from Quetta city. Now she is doing..............
Shahid Toofan
Shahid Toofan Poet
Shahid Toofan has written 2 songs yet (Sada-e-abai) and (Dardi dil) realized in Australia. He has written a poem for a short film (victum) also realized in Australia also an active member of Hazaragi Academy.
Ali Hamdam
Ali Hamdam Writer and Poet
Ali Hamdam is founding member of Keblagh e Azergi. He has done his MA from Baluchistan University. Ali Hamdam is a researcher in Hazaragi Language professionally in phonology. He is writer................
Mustafa Elkhani
Mustafa Elkhani Poet
Mustafa Elkhani is the founding member of Keblagh e Azergi. He has done his MA from Baluchistan University. Mustafa Elkhani is Senior poet and linguistic activist for Hazaragi Language. His book is about.................
Raziq Kohzad
Raziq Kohzad Poet
He is founding member of Keblagh e Azergi. He has been engaged in Hazaragi literature and poetry since 1998, he is a senior Hazaragi poet. One of his books is published and the second one is about to be published.
Mushtaq Mughul
Mushtaq Mughul Poet
Mushtaq Mughul  is founding member of Keblagh e Azergi. Mushtaq mughul has been involved in Hazaragi literature since 2001. He is the first poet who has converted Hazara history into poetic Language. He is a senior political activist of Hazaras. He has high............
Ali Turani
Ali Turani Poet
Ali Turani is founding member and president of Keblagh e Azergi. He is the very first initiator of Hazaragi Language movement. He has been chairperson of Espiloni Azergi, Hazaragi Academy and Keblagh e Azergi. He is professional philologist and his scientific book regarding Hazaragi language is...
Mehdi Enagh
Mehdi Enagh Poet
Mehdi Enagh is member of Keblagh e Azergi. He has done his F.A from General Muhammad Musa Degree college. Newly he has joined Keblagh e Azergi as a poet and in a short time he has been skillful in poem and literature.
Jawad Azra
Jawad Azra Poet
Jawad Azra is a senior poet in Hazaragi Language. He is member of Keblagh e Azergi and his poems are treasure in Hazaragi literature. He has been engaged with poetry gathering since 2004.
Qadir Nayel
Qadir Nayel Poet
Mr. Qadir Nayel has done his M.A from Baluchistan University in Mass communication. He has been gold medalist and for 15 years he has been as editor in Jung daily News paper as a journalist. He has been chief...........
Shahida Babar
Shahida Babar Writer and Poet
Shahida Babar is a young published promising Pashto writer and poet who hails from district Killa Abdullah, Balochistan. Her works include 'Samander da Malghalaro' , ' Nabooda Dunya'..........
Sultan Zakhpail
Sultan Zakhpail Poet & Development Professional
Sultan Zakhpail is a poet from the fertile literary soil of Loralai and a member of Pashto academy and Pashto Adabi Malgari Loralai. He is a poet, translator and announcer at Radio Pakistan. He has compiled...........
Manzoor Baloch
Manzoor Baloch Writer and Poet
Manzoor Baloch, Chairman Brahvi dept. University of Balochistan. Writer; columnist; poet and critic. Published 7 books including 3 books on poetry 3 books on ma Brahvi course and one on brahvi critics.He has Phd in Brahvi fiction.
DR. KALE-EMULLAH LASHARI, Ph.D., S.l. Dr Lashari is a renowned Archaeologist and heritage conservation expert who has written extensively on the history and architecture of medieval Islamic period in...........
Dr. Adnan Rafiq
Dr. Adnan Rafiq Political Analyst
Dr. Adnan Rafiq is a political analyst and author. He holds a PhD in Politics from University of Oxford. Dr. Rafiq advised Interior Ministry and NACTA on Internal Security and counter extremism strategy. He led..............
Jahanzaib Khan
Jahanzaib Khan Assistant Professor
Jahanzaib Khan is an Assistant Professor of History at Area Study Center for Middle East and Arab World in the University of Balochistan. He is interested in ethnic politics, tribal authority, and in the history of state formation in both colonial and postcolonial Balochistan. He is near completion...
Dr. Barkat Shah Kakar
Dr. Barkat Shah Kakar Assistant Professor
Dr. Barkat Shah Kakar is a man of diverse talents. He is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Pashto in the University of Balochistan. His academic pursuits are in the filed of literature...................
Saifullah Nasar
Saifullah Nasar Researcher
Saifullah Nasar is a young researcher and Lecturer who has previously taught at Quaid-i Azam University and Air University Islamabad. He has done an engaging ethnographic fieldwork on governmental practices...........