Guests 2022

Dr. Mir Sadaat Baloch
Dr. Mir Sadaat Baloch Founding president of Balochistan Council for Peace
Dr. Mir Sadaat Baloch is the founding president of Balochistan Council for Peace and Policy the first think tank of Balochistan. He holds a PhD in Social Marketing from University of Hertfordshire UK and works as Policy and Research Specialist for World Bank Governance and Policy Project...
Gulab Khilji
Gulab Khilji Deputy Director
Gulab Khilji is currently serving as Deputy Director (Curriculum) at the Bureau of Curriculum Secondary Education Department Balochistan, Quetta. He received his PhD in Curriculum and Instruction, with a concentration in Curriculum Studies, from the University of North Texas, the USA, in 2016. He...
Riaz Ahmed Shaikh
Riaz Ahmed Shaikh Book Writer
Riaz Ahmed Shaikh, PhD, is Dean of Faculty of Social Sciences and Education / Chair-Doctoral Committee / Editor-in-Chief JISR at SZABIST, Karachi, Pakistan. He served as editor of peer-reviewed international research journal, Journal of Management & Social Sciences- JMSS from 2007 - 2010 and...
Dr. Fozia Ahmad
Dr. Fozia Ahmad chairperson
Dr. Fozia Ahmad completed her PhD in Educational Policies and Planning at a foreign institution in 2020 after earning a master's degree in Educational Leadership and Management from Aga Khan University. Dr. Ahmed has 20 years of experience in the Education sector, working with government...
Dr. A. H. Nayyar
Dr. A. H. Nayyar physicist
Dr. A. H. Nayyar is a physicist now retired after having taught at Quaid-i-Azam University Islamabad for over 32 years. Besides holding visiting positions in various countries, he also taught at the Lahore University of Management Sciences for a couple of years and has a long-term association with...
Dr. Kaiser Bengali
Dr. Kaiser Bengali Director of the Social Policy
Dr. Kaiser Bengali Kaiser Bengali is an economist with over 45 years experience in teaching, research and policy advice in Pakistan He has a Masters in Economics from Boston University, USA, and a PhD in Economics from University of Karachi, Pakistan. He has taught and conducted research at...
Zafar Ullah
Zafar Ullah PhD scholar
Zafar Ullah is a PhD candidate in Social Anthropology at the university of Edinburgh. His doctoral research is focused on the everyday experiences of the Hazara taxi drivers on roads in Quetta Urban. Applying infrastructural violence as an analytical framework, his work seeks to untangle the...
Jamshed Mehmood Raza
Jamshed Mehmood Raza Director and Producer
Jamshed Mehmood Raza, better known as Jami, will be joining us for a virtual session. He is a celebrated Film Director and Producer. He studied film at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena in the United States.
Mayen Khan
Mayen Khan environmental activist
Mayen Khan the 1st Ever Wildlife of Balochistan Photography at QLF will also present the work of Mayen Khan, he belongs to District Killa Abdullah in Balochistan. He is an environmental activist & an amateur wildlife photographer.
Dr Arif
Dr Arif Writer
Dr Arif is a writer, a development consultant and public policy expert, writes on policy matters, politics, and international affairs.
Abid Meer
Abid Meer Writer
Abid Meer is a Urdu teacher, writer and fiction writer. He is doing his doctorate on Urdu fiction of Balochistan these days.
Anwar Maqsood
Anwar Maqsood Writer
Anwar Maqsood is a scriptwriter, television presenter, satirist, humorist, and infrequent actor. He was well known for his drama write-ups for PTV in the late 1970s and 1980s.
Amjad Islam Amjad
Amjad Islam Amjad Writer
Amjad Islam Amjad is not only a leading poet of the country but also a prominent playwright and popular lyricist. In recognition of his literary services and TV drama writing, the Government of Pakistan has awarded him the Pride of Performance and the Presidential Medal of Distinction. ...
Dr. Arfa Sayeda Zehra
Dr. Arfa Sayeda Zehra Intellectual
Dr Arfa Sayeda Zehra is an a human rights activist, educationalist, Urdu language expert. She is a professor of history at Forman Christian College University.
Faysal Chaudary 
Faysal Chaudary  Writer
Faysal Chaudary  is a writer/senior producer of the 4man show, BNN and Media Azad hai. We also admire him for producing Quetta The Movie.
Munir Momin
Munir Momin Writer
Munir Momin is a great balochi poet.
Sikander Bizenjo
Sikander Bizenjo co-founder of BYAC Balochistan
Sikander Bizenjo is the co-founder of BYAC Balochistsn, a youth driven campaign across Balochistan to help people during COVID-19 and other occurring natural disasters. He is also helping build reading rooms across the province to promote the culture of education. Sikander is part of the Global...
Muhammad Waseem
Muhammad Waseem Boxing Association champion
Mohammad Waseem is World's Boxing Association (WBA) flyweight champion. He has also won the World Boxing Council (WBC) silver flyweight title in the process for a second time.
Kaleemullah Khan
Kaleemullah Khan Footballer
Kaleemullah Khan is a footballer who played in the Iraqi Premier League for Zakho FC and the Pakistan national team.
Nahida Khan Achakzai
Nahida Khan Achakzai cricketer
Nahida Khan Achakzai a cricketer who plays as a batter, bowler and a wicket-keeper. She currently plays for Pakistan and has played domestic cricket for Quetta Saif Sports and Zarai Taraqiati Bank.
Shahida Raza
Shahida Raza athlete/sportsperson
Shahida Raza is an athlete/sportsperson from Quetta. Shahida Raza played hockey for Pakistan Women's Hockey Team. She is a 4-time football player of Pakistan Football Federation.
Rafi Khan
Rafi Khan Research Fellow
Rafi Khan is a Research Fellow at Balochistan Think Tank Network (BTTN). He has received his master’s degree in Linguistics from Quaid-I-Azam University and M.Phil. degree in Peace and Conflict Studies from National Defence University (NDU), Islamabad. ...
Aadersh Hamza
Aadersh Hamza Associate Research
Aadersh Hamza, working as an Associate Research Fellow at Balochistan Think Tank Network. He has done MPhil in International Relations from Quaid I Azam University Islamabad. He is also a recipient of Roll of Honor from Government College University Lahore.
Mr. Abdul Rehman
Mr. Abdul Rehman Director Research
Mr. Abdul Rehman, working as a Research Fellow at the Balochistan Think Tank Network, BTTN. He has a master’s degree in International Relations from the Corvinus University of Budapest. He has also earned a bachelor’s degree in International Relations, BUITEMS.
Ms. Maria Malik
Ms. Maria Malik Director Research
Ms. Maria Malik is Director Research at Balochistan Think Tank Network (BTTN), Quetta. Ms. Malik is a PhD Scholar at the School of Politics and International Relations (SPIR) at Quaid I Azam University, Islamabad, and a visiting PhD scholar at the School of Government and International Affairs...
Rabia Baloch
Rabia Baloch Writer
Rabia Baloch who has done her master’s in applied linguistics. Through her research she is trying to preserve the vitality of Brahui Language. Her recent book is about the Conceptual Metaphors of Melancholy in Brahui language.
Ghamkhwar Hayat
Ghamkhwar Hayat Writer
Ghamkhwar Hayat is one of the famous poets of Balochistan. He has done his masters in Brahui language and wrote multiple books. His book "Journey of Tears" is quite interesting as it revolves around the current issues masses are facing.
Aqsa Gharshin
Aqsa Gharshin Scripted Translator
Aqsa Gharshin, who has translated Edith Nesbit's Novel " The Railway children' for PTV at age 16. Gharshin has translated Nobel Laureate Muhammad Yunus' book, 'A world of three zeroes' for the Yunus foundation in collaboration with a local NGO. She has scripted, translated, and gave voice overs for...
 Nilofer Afridi Qazi
 Nilofer Afridi Qazi Writer
Nilofer Afridi Qazi author of "Culinary Tales of Balochistan" is a public policy specialist with a background in film making. Born in Quetta, Balochistan, she has lived in over a dozen countries as a diplomat's daughter.
 Tooba Syed
 Tooba Syed Women Democratic
Tooba Syed is feminist writer, organiser and researcher associated with the leftwing Awami Workers Party (AWP) and Women Democratic Front (WDF). She is associated with various movements including housing and land rights and the feminist movement in South Asia. We are looking forward to her...
Dr. Manzoor Ahmed
Dr. Manzoor Ahmed Finance managment
Dr. Manzoor Ahmed currently serves as professor of Development Economics and Political Economy at Lasbela University, Balochistan, and as Consultant China Pakistan Economic Corridor in Planning and Development Department, revenue, taxation and public finance management, Government of Balochistan....
Ahmed Miniature Artis
Ahmed is the pride of our country. He has revived our belief in arts and culture of this region again. We're proud and humbled for having Ahmed Khan with us this year. He is a miniature artis, and has a masters in Visual Arts from NCA. Balochistan has the most versatile dance and music culture,...
Sabiha Sumar
Sabiha Sumar Scial Issues
Sabiha Sumar is a Pakistani filmmaker. Born in Karachi, Sabiha Sumar studied Filmmaking and Political Science at Sarah Lawrence College in New York from 1980-83 and then read History and Political Thought at Cambridge University.
Sophia Layla
Sophia Layla Writer
 Sophia Layla @spectrum.t.m for our Online session in QLF this year. Sophia Layla is a lawyer turned therapist, artist, and guest lecturer. Her work blends trans and neurodivergent activism, emotional care, and play. Their qualifications include a counselling Advanced Diploma (CPPD), Mediation...
Mr Khudadad Wajo
Mr Khudadad Wajo hailing
Khudadad Wajo, hailing from the coastal city of Gwadar is the Chairman of Gwadar Fisherman Alliance. He has been working not only to protect the legal rights of the local fisherman community but also has a contributed in the protection of marine life.
Dr Quratulain Bakhteari
Dr Quratulain Bakhteari management human resource
 Dr Quratulain Bakhteari  has PhD from the university of technology Loughborough UK. Her more than 35 yrs of experience in the management of human resource and organizational development systems
Adeel Afzal
Adeel Afzal Writer
Adeel Afzal is a writer/director and actor. He works in social media, TV and film, known for social commentary on sociopolitical issues. Afzal has graduated from NCA in film making, worked for Mangobaaz, currently conducting story telling sessions. We are immensely grateful for his presence in our...
 Dr. Abdul Rauf Rafiqui
 Dr. Abdul Rauf Rafiqui Writer
Dr. Abdul Rauf Rafiqui, completed his education from Chaman, Quetta and Islamabad. He has Master’s degrees in subjects as varied as Botany, Pashto and Islamic studies, and he has also done his M.Phil. In Literature.
Fatima Ijaz
Fatima Ijaz Writer
Fatima Ijaz is a poet and teaches English and Speech at the Institute of Business Administration (IBA). Her book, “The Shade of Longing and other Poems”, was published by The Little Book Company in December 2021. She is a contributing editor at he Aleph Review, Kyoto Journal, Ideas&Futures,...
Zulaikha Manzoor
Zulaikha Manzoor Lnaguage Teaching
 Zulaikha Manzoor  is a student of BS Education, she does language teaching. She is the co-founder of Lore Karez Public Library, which is a free public library
Prof Khalil Bawar
Prof Khalil Bawar Writer
Prof Khalil Bawar is a reckoned Pashto poet, fiction writer and one of the leading literary and cultural activists. His fiction work has been translated in Urdu and English, "the empty frame" is one of his eminent short stories imparted in the textbook in Canda. He is leading Pashto Academy Quetta...
Zia Khan
Zia Khan Event Managment
Zia Khan founder of Quetta Online Volunteers. Zia Khan and Quetta Online Volunteers work appreciated on national and international level like 3 times UN Volunteers award, Pride of Pakistan 2021, Balochistan Excellence award and many more. He is always awarded and titled as SDGs Advocate for...
Master Khadim Hazara
Master Khadim Hazara Writer
Master Khadim Hazara is in a way is the Edhi of Quetta. He and his team have been tirelessly working for years for the betterment of people around them, voluntarily. They have been planting trees, paving walking track on the mountains, feeding the hungry, arranging funerals for ownerless bodies,...
Faizaan Qayyum
Faizaan Qayyum Writer
Faizaan Qayyum is a PhD Candidate at the University of Illinois and Visiting Fellow at ICRMS, BUITEMS. His work has focused on violence, displacement, and the urban.
Adil Bizanjo
Adil Bizanjo Writer
Adil Bizanjo is a Filmmaker, Writer, Director from Lyari. He worked mostly in Balochi film medium, he recently makes his first feature film DODA which is also the first Balochi feature film to be released in cinema across Pakistan later this year. He also written/directed TV ONE's murder mystery...
Dostain Baloch
Dostain Baloch Writer
Dostain Baloch is an independent filmmaker and a screenwriter. He graduated from ILMA University in 2019 and has been working ever since. He has written several screenplays and has made five short films, including his internationally recognized short film "Threads of shame" and the documentary "Don...
Safar Ali Danish
Safar Ali Danish Writer
Safar Ali Danish is an independent filmmaker from Quetta Balochistan, Pakistan. Graduated from Iqra University in major of Film and Tv. He has Produced/Written/Directed and Edited a Short film Awards at various film festivals around the globe. And his documentary film ‘A JOURNEY THROUGH...
Farqalit Gharshin
Farqalit Gharshin Writer
We are glad to host new talent in this years QLF. Farqalit Gharshin, is a film director, cinematographer and photographer from Quetta. He has a degree in Film and TV Production from National College of Arts. He has worked as a director for a film society in NCA and for an award winning film, as...
Ar. Essa Khan
Ar. Essa Khan Writer
Ar. Essa Khan has been serving our city as a senior architect for the last 2 decades. It is a well-known proverb that “Actions speak louder than the words” and with architects like him the proverb seem to do justice.
Dr. Anbreen Mengal
Dr. Anbreen Mengal Doctor
Dr. Anbreen Mengal is an MBBS.,PGD in population and development MCMC, short story writer and novelist.
Omar Shahid Hamid
Omar Shahid Hamid writer
Omar Shahid Hamid  is well known for his ability to translate the complexity of life in Pakistan, especially the criminal underbelly of Karachi, into nail biting crime fiction. Declan Walsh in the New York Times and Anatol Leiven in the NYRB have said if you want to know what Pakistan is really...
Hammad Rind
Hammad Rind Writer
Hammad Rind is a Welsh-Pakistani writer, translator and the author of the debut novel ‘Four Dervishes‘(Seren Books, 2021), a satire loosely based on a dastan by Indo-Persian poet Amir Khusro.
Aasim Sajjad Akhtar
Aasim Sajjad Akhtar Associate Professor
Asim Sajjad Akhtar is an Associate Professor of Political Economy at QAU, having previously taught at LUMS. He has published widely in peer reviewed journals and is the author of four books, most recently The Struggle for Hegemony in Pakistan (Pluto, 2022). He is also a syndicated columnist for...
Ali Aftab Saeed
Ali Aftab Saeed Musician
Hello! My name is Ali Aftab Saeed. I am a musician with a keen interest in satire, journalism and video logs. My work is aimed at using art as a medium for constructive change, the impact of which ranges across all generations.
Mr Kohi Marri
Mr Kohi Marri Film and Photography
Kohi Marri, has a B.A. in architecture, a diploma & foundation in film and European cinema. For the past eighteen years he has given us beautiful works in design, photography and film. Marri's work has been featured in some of the magazines in the country and a few international publications....
Dr Asma Faiz
Dr Asma Faiz Assistant Professor
Dr. Asma Faiz teaches Political Science at Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS). Dr. Faiz's edited volume Making Federation Work: Federalism in Pakistan after the 18th Amendment was published by Oxford University Press in 2015.
Ayesha Shahid
Ayesha Shahid Human Rights
Ayesha Shahid is a citizen planner based in Rawalpindi and an independent researcher. She is allied with the Alliance for Urban Rights, and supports research and advocacy on anti-poor development projects, specifically related to land and transportation, in the cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi....
Sadiqa Sultan
Sadiqa Sultan Development Practitioner
Sadiqa Sultan is a development practitioner and researcher. She is a graduate of University of Otago, New Zealand. Sadiqa’s work focuses on human rights specifically on the rights of more vulnerable groups in Balochistan including women, minority, PWDs, and persons with non-binary gender...
Dr. Arif Azad
Dr. Arif Azad Doctor
Dr. Arif Azad is a medical doctor with masters in both public policy and public health from the UK and Sweden. He holds diploma in urban managemnent and participatory democracy from the Netherlands as well as certificate in tobacco control from John Hopkins University USA. Azad has been a long-time...
Arshad Ashraf
Arshad Ashraf Wild-Life Photographer
Arshad Ashraf hails from Quetta. He is an exceptional professional wildlife photographer. He has command of the world’s most advanced photography equipment and creates wonders with them.
Zakir Daad Baloch
Zakir Daad Baloch Actor
Zakir Daad Baloch is Actor, Director and Scriptwriter grew up in Gwadar Balochistan. Baloch had a keen interest in acting from young age when he started attending theatre and also starred in a loca sitcom ‘Gwadari Halwa’. The passion for film making grew and he also started writing directing...
Sarwar Javed
Sarwar Javed Former Bureaucrat
Sarwar Javed is a former bureaucrat and a well-known master poet. He writes poetry in every genre of poetry with great skill and maturity. A collection of his poetry has also been published. He is literary and poetic representation of Balochistan throughout Pakistan.
Agha Gul
Agha Gul Fiction Writer
Agha Gul is well known writer and fiction writer. Twelve collections of fiction and four novels have been published by him. He is famous for writing on the background of Balochistan. He has also written a book on the history of Urdu fiction in Balochistan.
Hayatullah Khan Durrani
Hayatullah Khan Durrani Mountaineer
Hayatullah Khan Durrani (Pride-of-Performance) and first Pakistani recipient of British Caving Legend Award who is a famous mountaineer and the first Pakistani having the honour of hoisting Pakistan national flag as team leader on the mountains top of Great Britain. Hayatullah Khan Durrani is first...
Taimoor Khan Mumtaz
Taimoor Khan Mumtaz Architect
Taimoor Khan Mumtaz, is senior architect at Kamil Khan Mumtaz Architects. He holds an MA in South Asian Design & Architecture from De Montfort University, Leicester, UK (1999) and a Bachelor of Architecture from National College of Arts, Lahore in 1994. Taimoor is also the founding director of...
MOHAMMAD YAHYA MUSKHEL Provincial Coordinator, FAO Chilgoza Project
Yahya Musakhail Muhammad Yahya Musakhail, is a Provincial Coordinator, FAO Chilgoza Project. He is a A natural resource management professional, having a holistic viewpoint on integrating environmental, social and economic information for sustainable development and disaster.
Dr. Asim Bashir Khan
Dr. Asim Bashir Khan Development Economist
Dr. Asim Bashir Khan, is a development economist and public finance expert. His major areas are public finance, fiscal federalism, local governments reforms, education, health, nutrition, agriculture, poverty, inequality, trade, and energy.
Mustafa Chaudhary
Mustafa Chaudhary Political Satire
Mustafa Chaudhary pioneer of satire in Pakistan. Has worked for 4man show and BNN.
Dr Barakat Shah Kakar
Dr Barakat Shah Kakar Assistant Professor
Dr Barakat Shah Kakar is currently working in Pashto Department UOB as faculty member. He has been working as Academician, Researcher, Writer and Civic Rights activist.
Dr. Jahanzeb Rind
Dr. Jahanzeb Rind Assistant Professor
Dr. Jahanzeb Rind he is an Assistant Professor of History, University of Balochistan, Quetta. Rind's area of interest is history and culture of Balochistan and colonial and post colonial studies.
Qandeel Badar
Qandeel Badar Poet
Qandeel Badar belongs to a well-known literary family Known as Gohar Ghar of Balochistan. She is also serving as head of the Urdu department at Sardar Bahadur Khan Women's University. She is a poet and commentator. She has a doctorate in poetry and ghazal in Balochistan. ...
Kainat Azhar CSP
Kainat Azhar is a writer, painter, and police officer. Her work has been published in numerous national and international print and electronic media. She is an INL Alumni and currently serves as Assistant Superintendent of Police in Punjab Police.
Naeem Dilpur
Naeem Dilpur Singer
Naeem Dilpur is a singer, songwriter and composer from Balochistan. His works revolve around the life in Balochistan and its colors. His work is inspired by Balochi folk music, but not limited to it. Dilpur aspires to popularise Balochi music across the globe. ...
Hafeez Jamali
Hafeez Jamali Anthropologist
Hafeez Jamali is a scholar and civil servant whose research focuses on the effects of globalization and development on the livelihoods of marginalized communities. He holds n MPA in Public Administration from the University of Victoria a PhD in Social Anthropology from the University of Texas at...
Rafiullah Kakar
Rafiullah Kakar Public Policy Consultant
Rafiullah Kakar is a policy analyst and development professional with specialisation in political economy analysis, public sector management, institutional development and reforms and ethnic conflict management.