Guests 2019

Rafiullah Kakar
Rafiullah Kakar Public Policy Consultant
Rafiullah Kakar is a policy analyst and development professional with specialisation in political economy analysis, public sector management, institutional development and reforms and ethnic conflict management.
Hafeez Jamali
Hafeez Jamali Anthropologist
Hafeez Jamali is a scholar and civil servant whose research focuses on the effects of globalization and development on the livelihoods of marginalized communities. He holds n MPA in Public Administration from the University of Victoria a PhD in Social Anthropology from the University of Texas at...
A R Dad
A R Dad Poet & Fiction Writer
A R Dad is a Balochi poet, fiction writer, critic and a translator. He is known as the proponent of modern views in Balochi literature. So far he has authored twenty five books. His book “Dar Kessahi Labzank” (Non Fiction) was awarded........
Naeem Dilpur
Naeem Dilpur Singer
Naeem Dilpur is a singer, songwriter and composer from Balochistan. His works revolve around the life in Balochistan and its colors. His work is inspired by Balochi folk music, but not limited to it. Dilpur aspires to popularise Balochi music across the globe. ...
Kainat Azhar CSP
Kainat Azhar is a writer, painter, and police officer. Her work has been published in numerous national and international print and electronic media. She is an INL Alumni and currently serves as Assistant Superintendent of Police in Punjab Police.
Qandeel Badar
Qandeel Badar Poet
Qandeel Badar belongs to a well-known literary family Known as Gohar Ghar of Balochistan. She is also serving as head of the Urdu department at Sardar Bahadur Khan Women's University. She is a poet and commentator. She has a doctorate in poetry and ghazal in Balochistan. ...
Sultan Zakhpail
Sultan Zakhpail Poet & Development Professional
Sultan Zakhpail is a progressive poet. He tries to instill love of humanity through his verses.
Manzoor Baloch
Manzoor Baloch Writer and Poet
Manzoor Baloch, Chairman Brahvi dept. University of Balochistan. Writer; columnist; poet and critic. Published 7 books including 3 books on poetry 3 books on ma Brahvi course and one on brahvi critics.He has Phd in Brahvi fiction.
Dr Barakat Shah Kakar
Dr Barakat Shah Kakar Assistant Professor
Dr Barakat Shah Kakar is currently working in Pashto Department UOB as faculty member. He has been working as Academician, Researcher, Writer and Civic Rights activist.